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       J-KHAN has invested and established a vulcanized factory in Jinjiang, the shoe capital of China.
      Our products are Fashion/Casual Men’s, Women's & Kids’ vulcanized-footwear. Purely and only Vulcanized Construction, NO cold-cement construction.
      Monthly capacity of our production line is around 60,000-70,000 pairs per month and we have been manufacturing INTERNATIONAL BRAND OEM/ODM footwear for clients so our footwear are exported to all over the world.
      Like all other factories, we do prefer orders with big quantities but we also have a lot of experience in small & medium quantities with high quality so if you are looking for a vulcanized shoe manufacturer that can handle small & medium quantities while maintaining high quality, you have just found one.
      With increased shoe manufacturing costs, many customers want to move their production to Jinjiang area but afraid to do so as they have heard so many nightmare stories in Jinjiang.
      The customers we are working with have been with us almost 10 years and I believe that means something.
      If you are looking for a new vulcanized factory, please feel free to contact us.